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Waterway Infrastructure

The District maintains drains, culverts, and bridges within the Cooks Creek watershed. If you have any concerns or requests for maintenance of any of the District infrastructure, please contact the office by phone or email. The District investigates and reviews requests as they are received. Prioritization of the requested projects are done by each individual Sub District. Some factors involved in the prioritization process are cost-benefit, safety issues, and feasibility. 

Abandoned Well Sealing

The District will seal abandoned wells for a $100 fee to the landowner. Sealing abandoned wells is important in preventing contamination of groundwater and can also be a safety issue. Forms are available on our Application page. The District seals wells as they are received. 

New Access Crossings

New access crossings across District drains are reviewed by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis. The District will determine the size of culvert(s) necessary and provide an estimate and construction specifications. The District maintains the right to deny new access crossings over its waterways. Application forms can be found on our Application page.

Public Education

The District hosts an annual water festival for youth in the area. If you are interested in partnering with the District on any sort of public education with regards to water conservation and management, please contact the office by phone or email. 

Tree Planting

The District has a tree planter for a small rental fee of $25. Please find the application for the planter on our application page. The planter is rented out as applications are received.  

Haying Permits

The District owns many drains and berms that are suitable for haying. Permits are given to applicants as requested. 

GROW Program

If you are interested in partnering with the District to provide Ecological goods and services on private land, please contact the District. The District's priorities are Water Retention, Wetland Enhancement, and Riparian Area Management. 

Habitat Preservation

The District currently owns property within the RM of Springfield and is protected as a wildlife habitat.