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Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP)

Cooks-Devils Creek Watershed

The Cooks-Devils Creek Watershed includes two sub-watersheds: the Cooks Creek sub-watershed and the Devils Creek sub-watershed. The watershed is 1,826 square kilometers in size and consists of two major drainage systems: the Cooks and Devils Creeks, their contributing tributaries, as well as the Red River Floodway. These waterways flow in a northwest direction and empty into the Red River north of Winnipeg, and ultimately into Lake Winnipeg.

The Cooks-Devils Creek Watershed developed an Integrated Watershed Management Plan in 2020 through a partnership between the Northeast Red Watershed District, the Province of Manitoba, Indigenous communities, local government, community stakeholders, and watershed residents.

The IWMP identified the following four key goals for the Cooks-Devils Creek Watershed to attain throughout a ten-year time frame:

  1. Coordinate Surface Water Management
  2. Preserve Groundwater Quality
  3. Balance Natural Area Preservation and Land Development
  4. Improve Surface Water Quality

The full IWMP is available to download at the button below.

Brokenhead River Watershed

The Brokenhead River Watershed will be undergoing preliminary discussions in 2024 for the highly anticipated development of a new Integrated Watershed Management Plan. 

More details will be available in the coming year.