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The Northeast Red Watershed District (NRWD) was previously known as the Cooks Creek Conservation District and established in 1979 as a partnership between the Province of Manitoba and local Rural Municipalities to address local soil and water issues. In January of 2020, the District changed its name as part of a province-wide initiative to align Districts based on Watersheds and not political boundaries. 

The Northeast Red Watershed District is governed by a Board of Directors that consist of Municipal Councillors and Citizen Appointees. The Rural Municipalities that partner to form the organization are Springfield, TacheSte Anne, Brokenhead, and Reynolds. The NRWD manages 315 miles of waterways, 735 crossings, and 12 bridges. The District prides itself on being a grassroots organization with local people making decisions on the landscape. 

To the right is a map of the District.